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Discipline - Respect For One Another

The greatest discipline is self-discipline and children who come to St Benedict’s learn that behaving responsibly, with love, joy and with care for others, is expected by the whole school community, their peers as well as their teachers:- it is part of the fabric of school life. School rules are kept to a minimum and pupils are aware of the necessity of these rules for their own well being and safety as well as that of others. There is a simple Code of Conduct.  If any serious problems do arise then parents are consulted immediately.

Visitors and inspectors have remarked that behaviour is excellent, supported by a positive approach where good conduct, effort and good work are rewarded and praised generously.

Pupils say:

‘We look after each other especially new and young people.’ (Frank)

‘We don’t leave people out of games. If someone is unhappy we go and ask them why.’ (Benedict)

‘We let others join in with our games.’ (Mattie)


School Code of Conduct

Children should be considerate to one another.
You should share most things with people and help people out.

Keep Tidy
Put all your books and equipment away in their proper place.

Good Manners
Always be polite at the dinner table and help the little ones with cutting.

Remember to ask before you borrow.

Always put your litter in the bin and try not to let it blow away.

Help keep the school tidy by changing your shoes and keeping the cloakroom tidy.

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