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Our School Aims & Vision/Mission

Our Vision Statement

At St Benedict’s:

 We aim to be an outstanding, missionary Catholic school, nurturing lifelong learners, who aspire to reach their personal best, seeking and serving Christ in all.


Our Mission Statement

At St Benedict’s:

We will strive to develop each member of our school family, to reach their full potential, in the spirit of St Benedict, teaching and serving one another, through the joy of the gospel.


 School Aims

The following was drawn up by a working party on behalf of the Governing Body in January 1994 and is re-affirmed annually.

  • To lead children to discover the mystery of God and the wonder of creation and to enable them to live as children of God in the community of the Catholic Church.
  • To teach children what is right and just and to lead them to value every other person of whatever race, religion or background.
  • To help every child achieve his or her full potential by setting high standards of work and self-discipline and by showing particular care for the weaker and less able.
  • To develop, lively, enquiring and creative minds with the ability to question rationally and to apply themselves effectively to mental and physical tasks and skills.
  • To enable children to discover their own individuality and consider the needs of other children and adults.
  • To create a genuine sense of community within the school and to relate the school positively to the local Catholic Parish and wider community, especially the parents.
  • To lead children to appreciate and care for the environment in which they live and to seek justice and peace between individuals, groups and nations.


Children's Mission & Vision Statements



 Our Vision and Mission at St Benedict’s

 As pupils we will:

  • Learn
  • Inspire
  • Serve
  • Trust
  • Engage
  • Nurture

If you look at our accrostic, can you spot the word "listen"?   This is the first word in St Benedict's rule and we try to remember how important it is to listen well.    All our learning grows from this.



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