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The Library

Few small primary schools enjoy a dedicated library and even fewer have a library as well-stocked and as well-used as the library of St Benedict’s. Reading and books at St Benedict's are central to learning and the library is at the heart of school life. On any one day during the school year the library is in constant use. Children go to the library to browse, play chess, return books and scan them out, write book requests on a board, post reviews of their latest read. The library is highly treasured, inspiring children to read, encouraging them to research, expanding their imagination, their knowledge and their vocabulary.

Children are encouraged to bring in old magazines from home, but the library also subscribes to First News – a newspaper for the young. Children each have a library card which they use to return books and scan them out. Teachers also have a library card to take out books they wish to read themselves or which they have ordered for their classrooms. Each class has a shelf of library stock and teachers are allowed to take out up to 50 books at a time.

Younger children take home a library book each night as the library books are also graded for reading levels. Younger classes have a library session with their teacher and older children come in at break times to swap books and look around. During each school day time is put aside for children to read their library books.

 The library is an attractive, peaceful place where children can take time out to think, dream and discover.


Children say:

‘It gives us a great space to read in school.’ (Anna)

‘It’s really good. There’s a variety of books and it’s interesting.’ (Rosie C.)

‘It’s really easy to find all the books.’ (Jessica)

‘It’s filled with fun books.’ (Henry)

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